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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Free Bitcoin earning tips,How you can earn Bitcoin?

 Free Bitcoin earning tips,How you can earn Bitcoin?

Free Bitcoin earning tips,How you can earn Bitcoin?

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 hello friends my name is Freelancer Abu Hanif welcome to our YouTube channel  friends in this video we are going to make a review about a dollar investment side which name it's called a bit st. dot limited friends in our previous video we have clearly seen how to get started with this site .

how to make a account how to make a deposit likely we have seen here and I also shown you two dollars live deposit to not plan one shallowing which paying me one teen percentage profit on my investment on a 12 hour soft time period friends I have just got a payment from this site .

I just like to share it in this video you can see at the site name you can see the amount 2.20 USG and this what might be a valid ID which I use to far login you can also see the site name friends friends on this email cry for us this right is paying so we know needed to worry about this friends and you can also see a friend some more important I important any interesting thing here this .

I paid me are automatically I not even requested having trouble from this side you paid me automatically but it took some more time to receive my validations I think your recent manual they are processing manually so I took nearly fifteen to twenty minutes after completing my time period friends if you are waiting for an hour with trouble so don't be Fanning friends.

 I'm just informing you it's if you receive to your valid after completing the time period are fifteen to twenty minutes here friends you know in this video I again I'd like to inform you some more important thing it's nothing that yeah pay sorry the flow Commission's are not processing automatically friends we have to request manually from this site up so I'm just trying to show.

 you how to request over our referral Commission's manually so that I'm just it my username and then hit my login here you too to our referral Commission's just it up referral button reference after that it redirects you to the referral page you can see and to request your referral commission.

 you must have a minimum one dollar mmm did we see you have my account balance in 1.70 USG we have fulfilled that we've fulfilled our equipment so we can request for our external commissions.

 I just need to climb a reference and I'm receiving a message that referral commission is in progress yeah we have to wait for a few more things a few more time friends I think it may took nearly fifteen to twenty minutes you can see my active deposit is right now closed if like if I the interested.

 I cannot make a deposit I find like friends but I already deposited ting gonna sit on my few other some other ID so I'm not going to interest here to chair while deep friends mmm but don't worry friends my Anna another account is an active so I inform you when it's where became scamming up and that's it from this video you had clearly seen a life with troubles proof of the site .

I hope you really loved and enjoyed this if you really know that I'm sorry please hit the like button and share it with your friends if you don't like it then somebody dislike this video until it you know how come and so you don't like it it shall fill me to improve my performances and next videos thank you friends thanks watching this video have steady 

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