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Sunday, June 21, 2020

How do you boost your Facebook page for free?

How do you boost your Facebook page for free?

How do you boost your Facebook page for free?
How do you boost your Facebook page for free?

Hello and welcome to my Blog so in this Article of Facebook series I'm gonna show you how you can promote your Facebook page or your Facebook post for free but before starting the Article let me clarify you that.

 if you are thinking that I'm gonna share a magic trick that is gonna boom your Facebook page then you are on the wrong place because in this .
How do you boost your Facebook page for free?
I'm targeting people with a determination passions and hard work so if you're not one of them then this video is not for you so you better stop watching the video because it's a slow process I have applied a district to my Facebook page.

 I got a great result but it's a slow process so let's start our video okay here you can see that it's my Facebook page and I wanna promote this Facebook page so and this is my Gmail so I'm gonna boost my Facebook page through email marketing okay so what do you need to do is so first of all you will have to add an extension to your Google Chrome browser.
How do you boost your Facebook page for free?

 this extension email extractor okay so go to Google Web Store and add this extension to your Google Chrome browser it's an email extractor okay I'll drop the link in a description box so add this first of all then after adding this email extractor to you Google Chrome browser so you'll have to open Google and here let's say having a target United States .

I have Ana have I want to have audience of United States on my Facebook page so what I will do is write you as a and inverted commas and and inverted commas okay such this okay if you wanna change the location.

 if you wanna target Canada then you'll have to write Canada or if you wanna target some Asian countries then you'll have to a specific location here okay so search this and here is the trick you'll get a lot of email lists from Google you can Google is a very powerful search engine you just have to use it for your business for your business promotion for your facebook business promote promotion so okay I will just open this website and this website okay.
How do you boost your Facebook page for free?

 okay and now here you can see that I've got a lot of emails here so I'm not saying these emails are all valid so I've you have to verify these emails I've met another video on how to validate email list so you'll have to just check out that video that to verify this email list.

 so it's it's just for illustration barber so I'm not gonna modify these emails so what I have to do is okay I will click on in this extractor so what it will do is it will fetch all emails from this website so what i will do is i will copy some emails from here okay it's enough i guess it's about 50 so i'll copy this and I will go to Gmail and compose email .

okay all of them okay now okay 147 it's it's it's a great audience in in one second I've got a voice emails in one second so what I will do is I will write an eye-catching headline eye catching subject so okay so here you can see that a Facebook page you must visit once in your life .
How do you boost your Facebook page for free?

so here I will copy my link the first thing I want to tell you that your content must be very good on your Facebook page if your Facebook page quality is not good and these people are not gonna stay there and just make sure that your face - page quality .

so very good and you are providing good content to people so you'll have to write some here something here like some eye-catching a description of your Facebook page so write something there so I will just attach a link here okay Facebook page and .

I will right click here to the page okay okay click here to visit the page and after that you'll have to send email to all of them so send okay so okay.
How do you boost your Facebook page for free?

 so now you can see that it has been sent to 147 people and if I'm providing a quality content on my Facebook page then they are gonna come back okay .

so that's how I can just increase my reach my page reach using email marketing so that's all for this tutorial if you haven't subscribed to my channel yet then do it now so you won't miss my videos in future thank you for reading subscribe for more Knowledge.

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