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Friday, May 22, 2020

VIEW ADS AND EARN! Free BTC Claim Every 4 Seconds!

VIEW ADS AND EARN! Free BTC Claim Every 4 Seconds!

VIEW ADS AND EARN! Free BTC Claim Every 4 Seconds!

Hello everyone, my name is Freelancer Abu Hanif and were back again with another Article where i will be sharing you guys application where we can get free bitcoins.

Here in my screen is my proof of payment 0.00014322 btc or $1.37 If you want to earn like this for free and no investment all you have to do is to watch this full Article ! Welcome back to Earn Money with Aiza where i will be teaching you how to make money online.

 I will be sharing again a free btc earnings using your smartphones What we will do here is to click an ads every 4 seconds! Yes, you heard it right! Earn free bitcoins every 4 seconds! Before we start, much appreciated if you will like now this video to we can start our video give away like now and comment down below your Coins.

ph btc or php wallet address we do this every upload and we will start our Youtube Comment Random Pickers once reached 1000 likes! Before i start my Article tutorial, because i appreciate you all guys, i would like to share a person that i follow in Twitter and this guy is giving away free bitcoins and free crypto currency to all who subscribe to him or who follows him.

 In my Twitter, if every you also wanted to follow him his name is Rhett from Rhett Cryptography and check our Article description for the link so you can follow him too and join free giveaway! If you are familiar with some Airdrop in Twitter, maybe you knew this guy! He has build his own crypto named "800 Crypto Clan" or "800cc" He turns his $800 into a millions with crypto.

I suggest you follow him to so we might know how to become a millionaire! The tagline of their group is "Take Free Crypto and Don't Pay for it".

Join their telegram group chat too, mechanics of giveaway are posted here, how we can get their free crypto currency 800cc and what i like about them, giveaway rules are so easy join their MEME contest (related to crypto) and if he picked you, you can win free bitcoins.

 You can check his current giveaway now in his Twitter I'm going to give away $20k in Crypto. $800 each to 25 people.

I have already selected the first 20 listed below and the rest 5 is still on going. If you want to join them i will put their links below in our description and just fill up their forms so you can join their club.

They help people a lot! Start joining and follow Reth Cryptography's Twitter now! You can follow @aizamer as well hehehe! Lets starn now our Article tutorial and this Article tutorial is all about Scash App.

I already posted this on my Telegram Channel from here, you can download the link but you can check the description also.

 Click the link and you will be directed to Mediafire and as you can see, it has the same developer of Qquiz App which i posted day ago.

 But here, all we have to do is to view ads. Open now the app I could not show you how to register coz its very strict (1 device per 1 account only) Anyway, you need to enter basic information like your full name, mobile number and password. Basically, there are 3 ways of earnings here. 1)

 View and Earn, you can views ads here 2) Click and earn, more points we can get here 3) Referral program You will get 20 referral points each time your friend reached 100 points. Its easy to earn points, all we have to do is to view ads. Going back, lets try "View and Earn".

Rules is "You can view 5 to 20 ads at the same time". That means, you cannot continue viewing ads. You need to take a break for about 20 mins then you can view and earn again.

Now lets try to click "earn". And as i have mentioned earlier, we wait for 4 seconds. Once complete, you can close now the ads. You can see now your balance, you got 3 points.

That means, for every ads clicking we can make 3 points. Alright, lets continue Click ads and wait for 4 seconds! Once complete, you can close now the ads. Do this over and over.

Thats how easy to use this click and earn. Next, with "Click and Earn" click claim again and here we need to watch the ads. Lets try, click claim ads will pop out, then you need to click it.

 Let it load in your browser let it stay and wait for about 2 to 3 minutes and let the system brings you back to the app. and as i have mentioned earlier, its the same developer of Qcash Quiz App that once you claim, you need to watch ads then wait for 3 minutes until it returns back.

Lets now wait and avoid clicking links so you will not directed to any sites. There you go, it returns back and i got 80 points. If you will ask if that claim is unlimted yes but you need to wait again for 1 hr to claim again the 80 points. And thats how easy to earn here.

Quesion: How to cash out? Lets go to wallet. You can use Coinbase and Coins ph for cashing out. 5000 points is the minimum withdrawal. 1:1 ratio.

5000 points is 5000 satoshi This is my full Article tutorial the proper use of Scash I made this Article as a promise to all of my Telegram subscribers.

If you have any questions to ask, you can join us here in their Telegram Group Chat and i can also assist you. Please like this Article too so we can start our give away And subscribe to my Youtube and Telegram Channel for more online earnings apps and sites! Thanks again for readhing! Stay cool, stay Payaman! and have a great day!

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