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Friday, May 22, 2020

Make Money Blogging TODAY - Affiliate Marketing Partnerships

Make Money Blogging TODAY - Affiliate Marketing Partnerships

Make Money Blogging TODAY - Affiliate Marketing Partnerships

Hello ! and  welcome back to my Blog if you are new here welcome I am so excited to have you if you are not new here then you know that .

I never liked wasting time with long intros so let's get into today's topic about how to make money blogging I'm going to give it to you straight no fluff all that you can utilize starting today but there are tons of different ways honestly that you can make money blogging as a blogger as a content creator .

but hearing so many at once can be very overwhelming so what I'm going to do is share with you three ways that I personally have made my income with blogging full-time that you can utilize for your journey starting today so the first thing.

 I would say is brand partnerships so brand partnerships are a way for you to essentially enhance on the content you are already going to create on your blog on your social channels on maybe your YouTube channel so when you have an idea or a topic based off the trending season maybe it's Christmas time maybe it's Easter maybe it's fourth of July.

 you can reach out to various brands that connect with what you want to share for example maybe it's a swimsuit brand that has a very strong mission for body positivity and just being a strong empowered woman you can reach out to that brand and many others like them and essentially share exactly what you can offer them .

why your content creating is unique why your brand and their brand it will seamlessly connect and why that your promotion of their of their product will be very beneficial for both them and yourself well oftentimes many newer bloggers are nervous to reach out to brands because they're worried they do not have a big enough following or you know big enough engagement but I truly believe that it is never too early to get your feet wet and practice pitching to brands.

 I even offered to my email family a set of email templates that I personally utilized to pitch paid opportunities to brands so if you were interested in that I will link it below in the description but it is definitely a learned skill that you get better at over time but being authentic genuine very transparent about who you are what you offer is going to work wonders as you continue to grow and work with more brands over time even.

 if it's a no let's say you send ten emails and 9 nose and one yes that one yes is still a success and not a yes and you never would have received that yes if you hadn't tried to reach out in the first place so learning how to reach out to brands and communicate with them from the very beginning is going to expand your opportunities as a content creator because you will begin to make income off post you are already going to share and basically enhance and grow your audience and theirs as well the second thing I would say is your own personal products and/or services.

 so for example maybe you do coaching maybe you have a specific niche town service that you can offer your audience that you want to share with them online you can set up your own console program online on your website I recommend kajabi they're an excellent platform that .

I use personally for consults in my own programs and services they make it seamless make it easier for you to incorporate and basically drag and drop and build your program and they and your audience can very seamlessly pay on your website without any other added attachments to your kajabi sites so it's all-inclusive it's a great platform for developing a brand but .

I recommend you have your own service and product because that is something you own and control and even in for example let's say you have all your stuff on social medias well social media is mold and change over time they're never the same there's always something new coming out there's always social medias that kind of become less popular over time it's always changing .

so having your own products and services allows you to basically couple honestly more than couple 10 times your income with the brand partnerships and other things you're already doing with your content creating so it's very important to have your own unique guide services products that you offer that better enhances your brand in your service.

 and also makes you more well-rounded as a blogger in general the third thing I would say is affiliate marketing there are so many affiliate programs that you could join but a couple that.

 I personally recommend for you or for example like it to know it it's a reward style program that basically you can link all the things you're wearing maybe your fashion maybe your home decor anything that you have to share you can link that in a photo and your audience can screenshot that photo and then go shop the content apparel.

 whatever it is that you are sharing so it allows you to enhance your content so let's say you share a photo that is in partnership with a brand that also allows you to insert your own products and services that you may offer so connecting with the program such as like it to know it allows you to then add a third layer of potential monetization to your content and of course you can also incorporate this into blog post as well and even on your YouTube videos another program is Amazon influencer program .

I do know this program is a tad more competitive at times but like I said before with brand partnerships you never know unless you try so even if you have to try four times to get into the program each of those times you are going to learn something new about your brand and about pitching who you are to these affiliate programs .

so the Amazon influencer program allows you to link so many things via Amazon because Amazon is full of pretty much anything you can imagine as we know and it's very fast with turnaround which is awesome because in this day and age having instant immediate access to what we need is very important and very desired so having an Amazon influencer program account allows.

 you to basically make your own shop on Amazon and you can make content shoppable you can have lists ideas maybe it's springtime and you want to have tons of different spring must-haves for Spring Break trips maybe it's summertime and you want to have fun summer guides and fun basically a pair old bathing suits that you recommend from Amazon for the summer months you can have all this in your Amazon shop and you can then promote it to your audience and say hey .

I have a fun shopping bull list you should check out I hope it helps serve you better in the summer months and gives you the products that you were searching for on my shop not only do I have a list but I also have a few different guides that you can basically shop the photo with Amazon - so you click on the photo and it shows you everything that .

I have linked for you to purchase and for you to invest in that will help you so that's another excellent affiliate program a third one I would suggest is a window a one program can shuh with affiliate programs that fit your niche fit your industry and your audience so a win is another excellent affiliate program that I would recommend you absolutely check out so these are the three ways that .

you can absolutely make money blogging starting today brand partnerships your own products and services and with affiliate marketing having these three different outlets for monetization allows you to diversify your content and it will allow you to truly stand out in today's bloggers market that is very heavily saturated but at the same time .

I know that each of us have a unique voice you do and I do that sets us apart from anyone else so that should be a encouragement to you today I hope you enjoyed this Article definitely give it a thumbs up if you liked it and hit that subscribe button so you can stay notified for future videos I'm so glad you stopped by and I'll see you in the next Article .

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