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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Free Ethereum earning site 2020

Free Ethereum earning site 2020

free Ethereum earning site 2020 with live payment proof

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Once you learn that investing in Ethereum requires some sweat and brains, you may start wondering if it is possible to actually earn free Ethereum (ETH) and collect it without any effort or investment. Now, knowing that there is no such thing as free lunch or a money tree, wanting to learn how to get free Ethereum may seem like a waste of time. Well, not exactly, but you can surely spend your time better than looking for ways to earn free ETH and buy a pie in the sky in the process.

Are you interested to learn how to earn ethereum from home without investing your own money? Join the club! Over the past several years we’ve discovered several opportunities to claim ethereum airdrops. But that’s not the only way to earn ethereum. Continue to read to find out exactly how you can start creating extra income from the comfort of your home. Or maybe even from an exotic beach as a digital nomad. We all love crypto airdrops, ETH giveaways and to earn extra cash with crypto.

So let’s find out what the different ways to earn ethereum are…

What is ethereum?

If you’re completely new to this, have a look at some previous blogs where we covered the main points you need to learn. It includes, What is ethereum, Set up your ETH wallet, GAS fee explained and how to complete your first transaction. In additional we keep regular updates on the Ether network and did a deep dive into the mastermind behind it all: Vitalik Buterin.

But in short, we can state: Ethereum is a blockchain-based platform with smart contracts.

” Ethereum is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract functionality. It supports a modified version of Nakamoto consensus via transaction-based state transitions. Ether is a token whose blockchain is generated by the Ethereum platform”

How to earn ether online?

You can find multiple methods to can earn crypto on the internet. We established a shortlist for you, starting with the easiest ones.

Get ready to start earning ethereum daily while sitting behind your laptop.

1. Ethereum faucets to get ETH

Are you thinking, what is a faucet?

“A device that controls the flow of liquid, mainly water, from a pipe”

With digital coins this means you get a micro amount of crypto deposited in your wallet at a steady pace.

Let’s look at a possible scenario, you can receive free 0.0001 Monero in your wallet every day.

Even though that sounds negligible. Why would you ever walk away from free crypto?

In the starting era of Bitcoin, this concept grew in popularity quickly. To create brand awareness and attract a community, Satoshi Nakamoto and other early adopters of BTC created faucets and other giveaways to accelerate the adoption of crypto.

We’ve heard rumors that you would receive real Bitcoin’s for just creating a BitcoinTalk account. With over 2.5 Million accounts today, it’s hard to image you actually got paid to create an account there nearly 10 years ago.

From this faucet, you get free ether every 30 minutes. All you have to do is solve the captcha, to make sure you’re not a bot. In addition, you earn more ethereum when you refer your friends.

On a side-note, this faucet can get a bit annoying with the amounts of advertisement displayed. But if you’re willing to see some advertisement to earn ethereum, this is a good way to get started.

So How Can You Earn Free Ethereum?

If you would love to get your hands on Ethereum without enough money to invest in mining or buying it, you can try visiting websites on which Ethereum is, theoretically, flowing for free. These are called Ethereum faucets, and they offer rewards in the form of tiny amounts of ETH in exchange for completing captchas or interacting with numerous ads. The amount of ETH you will receive at the end of the day is actually too small to make a difference, even if you decide to go through repetitive mini tasks and aggressive ads. Many of these sites also have a minimum amount of Ether you need to “earn” before you actually receive it.

Here are a few examples of Ethereum faucet websites:

Lolifuu ETH Faucet


A constantly renewed ETH faucet list can be found here. Some of these sites ask you to turn off your ad blocking software and pose high cash out limits, so be careful when investing your time and resources.

If you are drawn to the idea of getting free Ethereum, you are also free to try various mobile apps used for the same purpose. They can offer Ethereum with a simple “push” of a button, while the same “currency” is awarded to those who send or receive appropriate app codes to their friends. Other mobile apps revolve around games and lotteries. If you have some spare time, you might enjoy trying out apps like:

Ethereum Faucet
Faucet Run
Free Ethereum Spinner

Are Ethereum Faucets Worth It?

The only real winners in the faucet game are the ones who run them, and even they probably don’t make much money off it. Speaking of you, you wouldn’t make much either. Even if you stumbled into a legit faucet with immense rewards, you’d probably still make up to $1 an hour at most.

Besides, if you still insist on finding out how to get Ethereum without any work or investment, beware that you may expose yourself to various hackers and scammers. These can send you offers, claiming that they will give you ETH for free, or in exchange for laughably small amounts of other currencies. Do not fall for it, but rather expose the scammers on social networks and warn your friends.

Even if you find Ethereum faucet sites which are legit, the amount of time you would spend on learning how to get free Ethereum is surely better spent on studying realistic methods to earn ETH using conventional methods.

Better Alternatives to the Ethereum Faucets

Mine Ethereum. Of course, mining comes with initial costs, however, it’s still the most legit way to earn Ethereum. It’s not free but has way more potential for significant returns.

Get a cloud mining contract. Alternatively, you can buy a cloud mining contract and rent mining gear in one of the Ethereum mining rigs. You’ll receive your share of the rewards in your wallet but know your breakeven period before putting your signature on a deal.

Buy Ether. The simplest way to obtain a substantial amount of Ether is simply to buy it in one of the exchanges. Some of the best exchanges to start your trading career are Coinbase, Kraken, and Bitstamp. There you can purchase ETH with Dollars (USD) or Euros (EUR). Besides, you can check our Price Tracker to find the best price to buy/sell ETH.

Work for Ether. You can unleash your talents for Ether. Whether you’re good at writing, design or accounting, working for Ether isn’t unorthodox. See websites like or to find out whether there are job openings for you.


It’s pretty clear that almost any other job would generate you more than $0.5-1 per hour without exposing you to extra risks. Of course, some apps and games might be fun, but from an investment standpoint, there are far better alternatives. And remember that nothing ever comes for free!

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