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                                    MY REAL DROPSHIPPING SUCCESS STORY

 you know this guy didn't want to mentor me I'm just gonna MY REAL DROPSHIPPING SUCCESS STORY quit like whatever if he doesn't want to mentor me I'm gonna waste time that means that it's probably not real it's probably you know just people that have money can do it bo China cuff me ,

they don't wanna see me garish so we're back I don't know if the ankle is good I hope it's good definitely not my best angle but we're back with that you know shooting in the car vibe just like my very first dropshipping video in the Blog.

 if you haven't seen it definitely go check out how I made ten thousand dollars in 24 hours what that's not what we're talking about today I mean sort of it's about success how I succeeded but yeah I mean .

so I just wanted to you know make a video where I inspire you guys initiative like you know just show you tell you guys my story how I actually you know reach out to someone for mentorship at some point and that didn't end up playing out back when you know.

 I had like no money in my account second of all to show you guys that you don't need someone to mentor you or someone that's already doing it to be able to succeed you know you could do it on your own so yeah this was actually you know give you guys a little background on the story this was actually around February last year I believe you know.


 I will I was completely broke I didn't have any money in my bank and I don't say that to say you know I went from broke to you know actually having money from dropshipping I say that to show you guys that it's it's doable like.

 I reached out to someone for mentorship around February so I ran this time like I've said many times in my channel it's when I had just paid an app where I was in the process of paying for an app everything shared my savings account so all the money that I had saved up was coming out for an app that I was playing with a friend that actually.

 I mean it's still there but it never really went live and never really got the chance I were still haven't had the chance to make that money back maybe eventually I will if I you know if I update it now cuz I didn't like how it looks motor back to the story .

I didn't have any money because I just finished paying that app and I was desperate to find a way to you know make money online any time just find a business to find a way to you know start making money so whatever I was on Twitter now at the time there was this guy that I know sort of cool with and he was working with a group of entrepreneurs that he was selling Facebook ad accounts for for so for every face for every person that.

 I took to him to give him a Facebook ad account he'd give me $50 but it was a very lengthy process it will take about three to four hours and people would hardly ever you know be willing to do it because it takes so long and it was a bit sketchy you know like setting your Facebook ad account people don't even know what an account is most of the time.

 so I didn't know what an account was at the time I was like you know what's in that account but whatever 50 bucks for it I'll get you people so I was able to get him some people it really wasn't that many people in order to become and.

 I got an income but I you know I made a couple hundred bucks from that so it was a song that's that was a good thing that I did for like what were you gonna have and so whatever one of his friends the guy the main guy that he worked with one day he tweeted it was a picture like a picture of Shopify I had never seen Shopify my life before.

 so I don't know what it was and so I said today sells $5,000 I'll show you guys a tweet you know bait and then the caption was like hiring sales people if you wonder how to do this or something like that remember I'll show you guys right now when I finish driving but if you don't know how to do is whatever it is so I reached out to the guy there after that and I'm like yo DM me cuz his DMS weren't open and I saw that and.

 I was like five thousand dollars in one day bro that's like Donald Trump numbers for me that was like you know like some crazy Rockstar Drake Justin Bieber has numbers like broddick I thought that like the top salary was like a doctor making 500k a year and the closest thing that got to that was 100k for software engineers or whatever and besides.

 I like there's nothing like I never even heard about making a thousand dollars a day so that seemed very unrealistic to me I'm very crazy so when I saw that guy post about five thousand dollars in one day he was like oh I just did it for one of my clients I was like no way brother there's no way even if I could make fifty bucks a day I'll be happy.


 so whatever I reach out to the guy and you know matter of fact let me let me pull out the dm's real quick yeah you know what we just picked this back up when I got back home she guys can get the rest of the story and see the DMS and everything because my Ranade data I've been using it way too much this month but yeah see you guys back at the crib so we're home now let me find at the end so now that I have Wi-Fi okay .

so I just found the guy I'm gonna read you guys at the m's exactly how I said them and then I'm gonna post a screenshot so sorry practice the guy DM me because he did not have his DNA open so I said yo then I was like yo I saw your tweet you're still looking for someone because in the picture of the $5,000 a day the caption was something I just did this for my client looking to hire salespeople or whatever so I was like I saw your teeth .

I saw I was like yo I saw your tweet you're still looking for someone who was like you have any sales training and I was like retail store experience the training they did there so obviously Hollister nothing crazy so he asked what store and I was like Hollister and then.

 I was like I also took a course a marketing course online so he was like awesome guys coming let me see what's good can you come to Weston which is like two hours from my house he was like can you close and I was like I'd be able to go tomorrow anytime so you know,

 I was we need to make the two-hour drive whatever I was ready I was ready to change my life you know and then I was like where the guy's good cuz you know I was a little concerned that like the guys already got the spot whatever so he was like who me he may of tomorrow might be able to make room for you so I was like okay then .


I hope I'm gonna be a Western to Friday so if you still need someone on fighting whatever so whatever a bunch of irrelevant and then like ten days later we'd never ended up meeting up nothing happened idea yo I look up to the you've accomplished and I'd like to get a mentor by you feel like I could learn a lot so obviously.

 I didn't know the person I didn't know how much he had really accomplished all I knew was where he was tweeting so I knew that he was running so the Shopify stores for his clients based on his tweets it sounded like he was making a lot of money I didn't know much besides that but you know I was willing to you know change my life and I was just trusting someone because I like I needed to learn from someone you know I felt like.

 what I was seeing on YouTube I feel like you know it wasn't enough so he was like I appreciate that bro but I'm not still a lot farther than most people but got a long way to go what do you do now so I was like I have an app in production recently started an e-commerce website about a week ago us if now I'm studying at FIU but I feel like.

 I'm wasting my time if I got to work with you so you could teach me things you've learned I'm open to that and then he told me to text them and then he went he like then from that like we started working like he wanted me to run like some of his Instagram accounts.

 I mean didn't get much of that it was like a week and after that we like literally just stopped talking cuz I understand he was busy you know like I get where he where he was at now although I mean I still don't know exactly what he does or whatever but .

now I understand that like when you're like doing your own thing you get busy and it becomes hard to reply no quick and everything so it was hard we we talked to me about two months ago and he was like oh should I see what you've been doing brother that's crazy like yeah you know and he was like you know give me props for being able to do e-commerce and everything because although .


I reached out for him to mentor me and teach me what new and never really ended up happening but instead of you know the point that I'm trying to get out with this story is that I've never talked about this in my you know when I talked about how I started with drop shipping why succeed it and it's and I don't know I just left that part out and .

I feel like it's such a big part because it shows that I mean I get DMS like that on a daily basis people telling me all broke and you mentor me can you help me we're for you was real profit to whatever and every time I got a DM like that it reminds me of that time .

I reached out to the guy and he see myself and at the end so it hits me like it's not like oh just another person it's like wow that's another person that I at some point that was me and I'm still like you know I I know I'm not saying I can't be mint or anything I still you know.

 I can learn there's people much better people that like out there than me and Commerce and Facebook marketing and everything I know there's much better people but now I'm in a position where people look up to my results the way.

 I looked up to his at some point and so what I'm trying to talk about today is the fact that even when he was in a bromance with me because he didn't have the time and I didn't expect them to my time for me for someone he didn't even know.

 I still kept pushing you know I'll show you guys my first my very first actually I'll just put up the screenshot of what my very first you know drop shipping at looked like and it was on Twitter it was I didn't even know about Instagram at the time didn't you know about Facebook ads at the time it was a Twitter ad and .

I was like a Twitter you know that any got decked which is like when a bunch of like accounts we Twitter for you and I'll show it to you guys right now so it's a process like I'm showing you guys that it was all a process even though this guy wasn't able to mentor me I didn't give up that gave me even more of a boost to be like okay.

 if I see someone doing it for my same city he's able to travel now and everything I'm gonna go ahead and do the same thing like I'm gonna go ahead I must succeed in Shopify and this was around let me see the dates this was February this was actually oh wait no my bad yeah it was February that's crazy so it was February 13 2017 I'll show you guys the same ad that .

I tweeted in that same week and it took me all the way from then to June to actually start making money like so from February I would shot to him March April May three whole months with me trying things of me giving up of me procrastinating or me like you know being full of to actually get to June which is when .


I actually started taking it seriously when I started testing Instagram influencers and succeeded so what's the point of this video like why am i making this to show you guys so it's not all pretty things like it's not oh like a pretty story and although I succeeded.

 I mean three months in I succeed a relatively fast compared to like regular business owners putting ecommerce when I didn't have any money when I was just getting started so you know I saw the same before the camera died I was able to go from you know basically zero to succeed to be able to you know have a full-time business to be able to make amounts of money that .

I literally didn't think possible and it was all due to you know me not giving up if I would have been like you're just gonna didn't want to mentor me I'm just gonna quit like whatever if he doesn't want to mentor me I'm gonna waste time that means that it's probably not real it's probably you know just people that have money can do it you know I could have gone that route .

I could have just been like you know what forget it I'm not gonna stress it I'm just gonna keep like you know doing my thing I'll pray just get a job don't have to worry about you're not risking money I don't need you have but then I actually kept trying I kept going you know as you guys could see three full months of me like you know trying procrastinating like .

I said to June 21st or basically July when I was actually successful so basically for four months and then from June to like now it was basically like everything just changed like my whole life just changed the way I saw because you guys are like guys you guys know dropshipping is in the end I'll be offering me it's like it's my to my vehicle to get to like you know raise more money more capital to eventually get into the music industry events and like.

 you know different businesses software a bunch of different things that I want to do which don't matter right now but how - dropshipping not have like had that not work for me I wouldn't have gotten I would have gotten started with YouTube I wouldn't have probably any significant amount of like money right now to invest into a different business I would have met all the influencers and people I would look up to for the longest time and .

now I get to work with like literally if I wouldn't have kept trying for those three months and a half four months my life would be completely different now and I don't say that isn't like yeah I'm driving a Lambo I have a penthouse all that like that's not what I'm trying to show you guys like I'm trying to show you guys that I've met people I never even thought meeting was possible I've literally worked with people that I used to look up to. I learned I don't know .

I have so much freedom I can travel now like I always wanted to I can do events and my dreams of doing events and being into the music industry and manage and have different software's and apps like the one that I wanted to do at the beginning everything is.

 so much more possible now and I actually have a chance of doing it just because I kept trying and I didn't give up if you guys go back to my first video the very first video I did on YouTube was actually after I did that five hundred dollar Instagram story.

 I've talked about that was you know completely crazy so I mean moral of the story don't give up on your dreams or whatever it is that you want to do if it's drop shipping FBA just because some of these YouTube people drop shipping people don't reply to your DM because they're worrying about you know different stuff you could figure it out on your own just like.

 I did like all you really have to do is test do your research be smart about how you spend your money don't just be throwing out money to influencers left and right and you'll be fine like literally that's my real success story I reached out to someone .


I've never talked about the part of me getting curved by someone else and although I didn't really get crap you losers busy you know to actually be able to mentor me which I understand that I feel like that's a very big part because I feel like you guys a lot of you watching and everything feel like if you don't have someone helping you hands on you won't be able to succeed but truth is that.

 if you make it something about yourself and you hold yourself accountable and you make it like you if you're putting in the work and you make that you know if you're making you gotta make a work for yourself it comes down to that so so yeah hope you guys enjoyed the Article today .

it was a little bit of a rant definitely expect the valuable drop shipping Articles to come back after you expect some valuable drop shipping Articles soon as well or some completely different content that I think we need to put back on that Blog grind and .



I appreciate the support I'll see you guys somewhere over a brand new Article MY REAL DROPSHIPPING SUCCESS STORY
 and thank you guys reading hope you guys enjoyed the Article and hold yourself accountable make it work make it happen and yeah it's it's just it's it's .

simple as long as you know you're putting in the work the hours and making it work so see you guys tomorrow what's up ice no girl should say yeah then I'm back you never see like I know imma take down your money tell you I ain't never taken a land .

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