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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

How I ACTUALLY Started Dropshipping & Became SUCCESSFUL (Full Story)

How I ACTUALLY Started Dropshipping & Became SUCCESSFUL (Full Story)

Hey welcome into this video you guys for those of you who are new to the Blog welcome!

                    How I ACTUALLY Started Dropshipping & Became SUCCESSFUL (Full Story)
How I ACTUALLY Started Dropshipping & Became SUCCESSFUL (Full Story)

                    How I ACTUALLY Started Dropshipping & Became SUCCESSFUL (Full Story)

I'm 18 and I run a couple of businesses primarily ecommerce stores most of which are drop shipping okay that means selling products without touching it now my goal out of this video by the end and of course the the camera battery light just started flashing.

 I'll switch in a minute my goal out of this is to get you a complete rundown for those you who you might know me unite might not know me this can be for one of two purposes okay for either inspiration okay or to make yourself unless they feel a little better because that leads in inspiration but understand that you're not alone because people see like.

 I used to look at the top people I'm like oh I wish I had it like that nothing's ever as it looks so I'm gonna explain that I like to make myself a little a little bit vulnerable not that I'm in a bad position in any way just to be honest because I think a lot of people aren't but I want to get you to understand what it actually took to get to where?

 I am okay so let me just switch the camera battery out that beat still is roll the intro make sure you subscribe and I'm gonna be back in a second with a fresh battery alright before we really really get into this I want to provide a little bit of credibility just before because personally I would have not listened to anyone who did not have credibility okay .

personally so far today this is all I've been doing I don't wanna show how to count names literally just running ads okay the things I did today okay first of all we're talking about monetary things I'm here one of my new offices I love the game chess okay I spent $400 in the chessboard $1000 in the coffee table there's nothing to do with money bragging anything.

 I want to provide credibility I don't know how to do that that well I have a Lamborghini I'm 18 I have an m4 a couple of properties two houses a condo and an apartment on the beach California this is my newer office space just setting it up that's that .

okay I've been running ecommerce stores for over three years I was not good at it in the beginning how can you be good at something when you first start ok the reason I actually wanted to point out the chessboard because is because in a minute.

 I'm gonna talk about strategy ok that's that's why I love a game like that ok chess requires you to reflect a couple moves in advance it requires you to be paid study your opponent whoa let's transfer that to business talking about your competitor stay a couple steps ahead of the market identify what the audience is like where it's gonna be all those types of things against.

 how I think about things I love kind of mind tricks because that's no business isn't a mind trick but there's strategy and stuff that goes into it okay so I wanted to point that out now taking it way way back okay I started ecommerce officially my first anything to do with e-commerce was back in 2015 four years ago okay so the way that I got led into it I was personally running 52 different Instagram accounts not many of them were big but a couple were a couple of them had a couple hundred thousand followers I had over a couple million followers combined .

                    How I ACTUALLY Started Dropshipping & Became SUCCESSFUL (Full Story)

I was building a lot of the smaller pages you know I built a couple main ones then I started running a bunch of small ones people like oh that's a lot it was yeah well I didn't care I was just middle-school you know running a bunch of pages I didn't have anything else to do .

so I was making content posting anywhere from one to five times a day whatever so once these pages started growing some you might know of one of the marketing strategies people use for e-commerce but also for other businesses is called Instagram influencers shout outs now the cool thing about this is this is actually not through any direct platform while it is Instagram rights and Instagram Giada you're running it on Instagram .

you're not actually going through any sort of advertising platform to do it so Instagram influence or shoutouts is where you're essentially renting space for an agreed-upon price for an agreed upon amount of time hopefully some people don't set it up properly but where you're paying someone directly and you send them whatever you need to send them to post it on their page whether it's on their page itself the Instagram story you're paying for that okay.

 so I was the one being paid to run these things and at first I was like yo perfect someone's paying me 50 bucks to do this I had a company it was the charcoal teeth-whitening you guys might have seen it was really poppin a long time ago but they paid me at the time was the biggest deal ever it was on a page with like 55,000 followers not one of my biggest but they like the niche they paid me 300 bucks for like five posts and.

 I was like done normally my price of course had prices at the time would have been like 500 bucks roughly sounds like alright you buy it all the front book discount cool I had $300 hit my PayPal and that to me was such a really really cool thing and what it actually ended up to me doing leading to me doing I told my parents right as a cool little thing and so what happened they're like why did they pay you that and I was ago because ,

I did this now that obviously didn't know what he was talking about whatever we went on our separate ways throughout the day and what I actually looked back upon I was like why did they pay okay obviously they want to promote something but wait a minute like I just seen a video about selling products on Amazon .

I was like where this seems kind of similar people they're obviously only paying me because they're running a business and they can make money how can I do that because I clearly have you know I'm onto something with owning these pages so you know.

 I was making money and I hadn't figured it out in a couple months later when I got into it but during those couple months before I started doing it myself I'll explain in a second I was still getting paid to do a different Instagram stuff so I started doing.

 I started taking notice of it and I started asking these people how it went and this is a cool thing for that direct business because it actually led to me knowing if it went well which let me now just upsell them on more shoutouts or even if it didn't go that well.
              How I ACTUALLY Started Dropshipping & Became SUCCESSFUL (Full Story)

 I would you know maybe break even or a little loss I would pitch them in doing it a different strategy so sometimes we work I get a little bit of money maybe a partial payment or something but long story short I was making a couple thousand dollars not very consistently bouncing around with a little bit of affiliate marketing and owning those pages okay a couple thousand a month so I was traveling okay I was taking advantage of some travel benefits .

I had through the family free flights for most of it and I was spending money traveling by myself I was 15 and then a lot at 16 a lot at 17 - but it's 16 so when I was 16 okay there's but almost three years ago his three years ago I went ahead I went to San Diego for my birthday by myself I knew no one I went to Connecticut for two weeks to do door-to-door sales for a company I was working with sock it was in the freezing cold but I learned a lot made some money went to New York for two weeks went to New Jersey for a week and .

I went to Miami and this Miami trip changed my life okay I was around for the first time money people with disposable cash not afraid to spend it and it scared me I saw these people who bought a bag of Molly bigger than my head for a lot of money a lot of money if you don't know look it up it's a wild rug I've never personally done it these people were party animals now but before I get into this I didn't meet them right away .

I went to Miami it was probably supposed to be for four days I didn't know anyone if he has no Miami I got an Airbnb at the Flamingo in South Beach which again time I've never been there didn't look didn't do any researchers it looks sick in the Airbnb pictures like 130 bucks 950 bucks one bedroom apparently this is where all the bodybuilders famous youtubers down there all the porn stars live it was wild keep in mind I'm 16 I'm not into the party scene I don't drink I don't do drugs so that was whatever.

 I was just enjoying my time there is beautiful for days go by I try to leave Miami there's a big snowstorm up the East Coast and this is important because it's how I got into it this forced me this backed strategy and creativity okay I could not get out.

 I could not get out of the state because I was only getting on if there was an open seat in the snowstorm messed up all the flights so no open seats essentially I spent 17 hours that day at the airport and I had again I was 16 no way to book hotel no way to book an Airbnb site on my friend in New Jersey right before I left but good for me and.

 I paid it no way to do this nobody really could you know could set it up it wasn't working okay so it was a big mess long story short I was just messaging people on Airbnb I'm like please Morse code me your freaking phone number or whatever we'll dissect .
              How I ACTUALLY Started Dropshipping & Became SUCCESSFUL (Full Story)

it I'll figure it out I'm gonna come to you I'll pay you in cash and I didn't have a lot of money this time I think I like a thousand bucks 2,000 bucks I just been traveling for a while started kind of use it slowly deplete it go back you know whatever .

so I was still making money more in launch but time to a couple grand extra summer so long story short ended up talking to this guy he's pretty much saved my butt my bird and win over back to South Beach close to where I was saying originally at the Flamingo and this was right off like paste Park or some park rent before the Venetian Islands in Miami and beautiful place in the water long story short again it was three entrepreneurs in this it wasn't like a penthouse penthouse like a junior penthouse very nice place and.
              How I ACTUALLY Started Dropshipping & Became SUCCESSFUL (Full Story)

 I immediately connected with one of them his name is Jay and now Jay owned a really biggest rampage he had one with like 2.7 million followers one was like 4 1 couples have one and 800,000 a whole network and they were his and what they were doing they fully introduced me to what Shopify was .

I didn't know what it was they were running fidgets spinners on their Instagram accounts no ad spent about 80 to 85 percent profit margin they were getting it for a dollar and 10 cents selling it for 1295 crazy okay craziness making about 40,000 a month revenue again keep my like 35,000 profit so I split between these couple of guys.

 I don't know what else they had going on a little money for the influencer pages one of them definitely sold cocaine or some wild crap but they were crazy okay super cool guys very nice long story short they ended up screw me over at least Jay did he met some girl who worked at a club three three weeks later they were in Vegas getting married and.

 he owes everybody money anyway essentially this led to me kind of partnering up with him I stayed in Miami for a month and a half a month and a half for free I met these guys we became friends I was just covering my foods throwing him a few bucks whenever .

I could and I was helping them with the e-commerce store so I did the email marketing and helped him really increase the Instagram shop just all they were doing no Facebook Ads so we took it from 7:00 or from 40,000 to 70,000 and the next month ended 72,000 then everything went downhill with the business partner relationships but that was my entry point into e-commerce okay and that experience alone seen the highest seen the lows .

I wanted nothing to do with it I wanted no party scene none of these crazy unreliable people no drugs no drinking whatever I want to consistency and I did not want bad business partners I struggled with business partners multiple times I still do there's still literally back honest if bad blood there's annoying things I'm dealing with right now like like as I film this right .

now and the thing with business partners I understand why some people do it if you don't have a lot of money and you can put it together that might make sense but be very careful with your partner with okay always be able to cut ties if you need to .

so I started running mild stores no success right I didn't know in the pages it was it was no success it was no success I tried Facebook ad that's where people said the money was I spent five at 5,000 I spent 4700 of it I remember that five grand in my bank account and I drained pretty much all of it $4,700 spent on Facebook Ads guess how much .

I made back $13.95 can you imagine spending four thousand seven hundred dollars think about like this you put four thousand seven hundred into a stock you sell for you know whatever a couple months later it was like five months overall is when I spent that money you sell five months later you have $13.95 and you got to pay like three bucks for the product cost so you got ten dollars and ninety five cents it was the worst situation.
              How I ACTUALLY Started Dropshipping & Became SUCCESSFUL (Full Story)

 I had no guidance no nothing so that's one of the big reasons why and that started the YouTube channel later once I did figure it out so to kind of speed that up I went back to instrument filters which is kind of the territory I knew started to make it some money a little bit.

 I did a husky iPhone case okay you guys been looking up on how they express it's not really popping anymore that was my first ten thousand dollar month it was solely off instrument fluent sirs started getting back into Facebook in the dog niche some things were doing okay some warrant I feel like it was kind of when it was fizzling out but that gave me the cash gave me the confidence okay started rolling that started learning Facebook and over the last -

 well let's say let's say like this I'm gonna break it up like this over the next like ten months it was a constant learning process you know some ones were higher somewhere lower I got ups like 20k months maybe 30k and when I was like the 3035 K with like you know a really good ecommerce month in profit I went ahead and I made a youtube video.

 when I was traveling okay it was kind of my income was bouncing around whatever but I made a couple of videos a lot of traveling just whatever like you know here I rented this M for when I was 16 you know in a mansion in San Diego with a bunch of friends like some more famous youtubers like tan or Fox and J .

I garage and you know fuck Bros whatever and it was really cool people were just blowing me up like what do you do and I was like what do.

 I do who are you why do you care I was just taking a bath that anyone like I was just so taken aback that anybody cared I was like oh um I do e-commerce like what do you mean so I made a video on it and I made a couple videos and they got like thousand views .

and I was like a Dalek there was only a hundred people little party I was at like a thousands a lot of people and I was like holy cow like maybe this will be something so I started posting like once a week or whenever a time and you're starting to grown men chance posting once a week twice a week every other day then I made a commitment because .

I saw the growth and keep in mind at this point when I was posting every other day I had no idea really what programs were that you could sell anything online so the information and if it's completely different I started growing the channel and,

 I made a commitment to post every single day and around that time I was doing very well with e-commerce and I was in a very good position of helping a lot of people and I felt really really cool so by also helping people have learned a lot through e-commerce ,
              How I ACTUALLY Started Dropshipping & Became SUCCESSFUL (Full Story)

I've really learned a lot I've been able to scale up to six figure months so it's been really really cool seeing other people's aspects actually having more business partner opportunities in the proper sense come to me because of YouTube so the reason.

 I was being able to become successful to kind of really pinpoint it for you guys I became good at a specific thing it was Instagram influencers first once I had that down I switched it to Facebook Ads two different things but they tied together I would take the data from Instagram and run that order data on a CSV file as a lookalike over on Facebook along with interest targeting.

 so I learned specific skills and it's really not simple I just took a lot of time I took a lot of my money I kept it working I kept reinvesting was losing my name is getting frustrated I would just work 8 to 12 hours a day .

I really Karen anything else to do so I was just going at it and it sounds so simple but working you know literally 10 12 to sometimes 15 18 hours a day like right now today was it's 149 am right now I've been up since 8:00 I don't really know how long that it's a it's been a long worked in I'm about an hour and a half from being done .

so I got to finish these adds a bunch just launched at midnight but it was just a constant progression for me okay and it took time a lot of people aren't willing to do that that's fine excuse me I just recommend do you really focus on a couple specific days learn one process you know when I started after I had spent that 4700 I had two resave some money.

 I started buying a bunch of programs I've told this before I went through six different people's programs okay I'm not gonna mention who some were good some weren't I took a golden nugget from every single one I still learned something I still got my money's worth the cheapest one.

 I bought was 497 bucks the expensive was 2997 it was actually Adrian Morrison's course good course some things were a little outdated I learned a lot worth my three grand okay so I just continued like doing things I just continued and for me that's all it was like .

I'm still not the best I'm not the best you want to learn from the best you're not going to be able to because the best we don't even know who it is first of all the best person doesn't talk about it they're 40 and they're on a beach with their family somewhere like it's it's a totally different landscape there yeah I'm good of what ?
              How I ACTUALLY Started Dropshipping & Became SUCCESSFUL (Full Story)

I what I do specifically I'll make the most money I do very well for myself okay and I'm looking to scale that about three to five x this year that's what I'm excited about.

 so I want you guys to really focus on pinpointing a specific skill if you decide it's Facebook Ads that's amazing start running some Facebook ads on a daily basis alright and get familiar with like what some of these numbers mean all this data blah blah blah because.

 it's kind of a little minefield out there you can actually go ahead and search Facebook on my youtube channel probably dozens of videos on it you know pinpointed certain topics maybe based on things are struggling on now if it's Instagram do the same thing start actively running Instagram shoutouts search up on the Blog.

now if you guys want overall ecommerce kind of want to put everything in one with my current recommendation winning products case study breakdown all of that we're doing a really cool live stream it's a hundred percent free no commitments you guys but.

 if you want to be on there definitely go ahead we're gonna do a Q&A at the end you can hit the link somewhere in the description to secure your spot it'll say like live webinar or on like a live ecommerce training something like that down in the description go ahead grab .

your spot in there again it's gonna be completely free it's gonna be booked up in probably two or three days just due to the attendee cap we set on there so then we can have enough people in there at the end and still be able to have them ask questions and me see them to answer them so come with a couple of questions come with a pen and paper I literally practice what ?

I preach let me show you this right now aside from this is beautiful fire and some Amazon boxes I practice what I preach and I don't mind showing this is well it's not professional whatever way this aside from a shirt shout out Ricky for the shirt alright these are no place four different notebooks.

 I always go everywhere with my notebooks they actually have a writing in them how about that let's just oh my goodness like you know like that right there is because.
              How I ACTUALLY Started Dropshipping & Became SUCCESSFUL (Full Story)

 I write things down I take notes I encourage you to do the same it's not for everybody okay but I definitely recommend you try it try and people like Oh what kind of taken on my phone I try to dissociate from digital and virtual as much as possible that's just me so do what you want but I would love to see you guys on there we're gonna give away a ton of value.

 I don't know what more to say about them and I do well with the converse I would love to share with you more about what we do on no commitment if you want to keep watching YouTube videos I would love it if you stick around the Blog I'd actually greatly appreciate it right now if you like the Article take a moment to do that it's completely free you can just show some support by doing that.

 let me know that you enjoyed this content if not let me know in the comments down below what I could improve on or other types of videos you would like to see on the Blog and I will be sure to read that and get back to you so other that's you guys definitely make sure you're on there.

 if you want to I post every single day on the Blog so you guys can stick around you can Blog you can do whatever you like check back on the Article.

 we are using check back on the channel we have hundreds of videos that you can reference not all of these are ecommerce related a lot of it bulge like purpose of the channel is to share what I do share .

my journey share my life as much as possible some things have to remain private so please understand that but we have a lot of fun you're travelling cars a little bit of parties here like again.

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