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Monday, January 20, 2020

How to learn HTML easily

How to learn HTML easily ?

Today I want to share with you most popular and great question How to learn HTML easily ? I will try to answer here for you question .So you need to read this How to learn HTML easily  question answer carefully .

How to learn HTML easily

                                                        How to learn HTML easily 

Hey guys !
I hope you want to learn html right? .So you need to know -

What is HTML?

HTML is a hyper text language .By this HTML a programmer can create website structure and after that can a programmer colorful by CSS and today we know How to learn HTML easily here.

First pf all you need to know English language and after that you can start your HTML learning life by flowing this instruction -

1.Number one

1.Number one - you need to know about html tags .In html have many tags you should to learning that first .you can learn that from here .
And you can also know that properly from this site or another great way for ou you can try it learning from html school and you also try learning it by buying expert people s course .

2-Number two

2-Number two - After learning the html tags you should to practice it in your own computer or mac /laptop or mobile .
Yes  guys you can also practice it by your won mobile .For that you should to Download or upload and install note paide ++ .If you can not that you can try it in you note book .yes you can try that .
But If you use note pade ++ you can help for use this and it is easy for use and writing and typing code.

For Downloading the note pade ++ you should to search to google by writing "Download note pade ++" 
you will see a page in top .Go to here and Download that and start your practice now.

3- Number three

How to learn HTML easily
                                                    How to learn HTML easily ?

3- Number three - You should to practice after learning the html .hen you know about one tag you should to try it by using your own page and you can try it use anothers way from your own creativity.
and I also request you to creativity .please look your creativity .It is most impotent for every programmer .

4-Number four

4-Number four -For learning properly html you need to looking others programmers works .If you search themforest you will see here many works in html .Here you can search by html tamplets .and you ned to create those page by flowing these work .When you can that properly you can think you hav learned html.

Thanks ,
Good luck.

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